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Let the Baking Season Commence! Posted 28 August 2018

Have you got your cupboards stocked up? Yes it is that time of year again where the British nation will be swept up by all things cakes, biscuits, bread, desserts, pastry, patisserie and chocolate! The Baking Season is here, spear-headed by The Great British Bake-Off!

Baking Season 2018

Sprinkles & Co. are looking back at a couple of our favourite baking categories from the show, and how easily you can create your own Show-Stopping bakes!

Mirror Glaze
Purple Galaxy Mirror Glaze Cake

Season 7’s Cake Week brought us the Mirror Glaze cakes which is still a trend marveled by many! We made our own version of a show-stopper here with our Galaxy Drip Cake, using our Cake Décor Purple Mirror Glaze.

This product brought a mini-revolution in the world of baking, and Sprinkles & Co is the only place where you can purchase the much sought after Cake Décor Mirror Glazes online at trade prices!

Moreover, tt looks fantastic, and it tastes fantastic! Simply heat, stir and pour to get that mirror-like shine. The feedback on this product has been phenomenal, and it’s 100% natural!


Choco Writer Paint Strokes CakeQuite possibly one of our favourite challenges and we’re hoping to see it again this year – Chocolate Week from Season 5’s semi-final. You don’t have to get yourself in a tizzy in the kitchen like the contestants did trying to manipulate chocolate.

Our Cake Décor Choco Writers make it so easy to create intricate chocolate designs. Available in milk, white and dark delicious chocolate in true patisserie-style straight from the tube. Just heat up the tube, snip the tip of the nozzle and decorate! Use them to create paint-strokes to cover a 2-tiered cake, like the one we did here. A perfect chocolate centre-piece that would look right at home on the illustrious GBBO gingham alter.

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Bring on the Baking Season! Get started on your own show-stopper by clicking the links below!


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