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Christmas Choco Melts | Get Creative this Christmas Posted 13 November 2018

Sprinkles & Co. have got the best edible decorations you’ll need for the festivities to get everyone involved! Why not try our versatile, smooth, easy-to-melt yummy Cake Décor Christmas Choco Melts there’s just no limit to what you can do. Use them as a covering for cakes, melt them into moulded chocolates or how about dipping fruit in for a delicious treat?

Christmas Choco Melts

We stock Red, Green, and White Choco Melts, the perfect Christmas colours, which you can mix to create an even wider variety of colours!

Not only that, we have Choco Melts available as 250g tubs and 500g trade tubs which are microwave-safe and resealable. Bulk case quantities also in stock!

Christmas Choco Melt Cake Pops

Tip: Why not organise a fun DIY cake pop activity? Before Choco Melts fully set, get creative by using our 100% natural sprinkleswriting icing tubes and glitter sprays to adorn your cake pops!

Make sure to get all your cake decorations from Sprinkles & Co. while stocks last! We have a huge range of Christmas themed delights to make the festive season extra sweet. Sprinkles, glitter sprays, icing tubes, colour gels, we’ve got them all! Explore our Christmas Shop.

We’ll be bringing you more Christmas decorating tips and great offers!

Happy Baking!
Sprinkles & Co. Team

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Hello Sprinkles & Co☺️Just wanted to thank you for such a speedy delivery as I ordered after 12 yesterday and my sprinkles are here! Loving my notebook too, just what I needed by my till. Keep up the good work. I’m delighted with the quality of the products so I will be looking to order again in the baking future.