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Create real magic with the best Christmas cake decorations! Posted 19 October 2018

Whether you are a caterer, a cake-maker or a confectioner you will undoubtedly be planning your Christmas cake decorations right now. We are smack bang in the middle of the home-baking season in the UK. Your customers will be buying Christmas cakes from mid-November, so you need to get planning your edible Christmas cake decorations and your cupcake cases and cupcake boxes for Christmas NOW!

Please do remember that, at Sprinkles & Co, we make most of our Christmas cake decorations ourselves. We are a family business, with a real focus on quality cake decorations which ensures your cakes are showstoppers at Christmas. Instagram-able cakes to be proud of!

We have developed a range of cake sprinkles which are unique to Sprinkles & Co. No one else has such a wide range of Christmas cake sprinkles. The Sprinkles & Co team have developed Reindeer Antler cake sprinkles, Snowmen cake sprinkles, Snowball cake sprinkles, Holies and Berries cake sprinkles, Rudolph’s nose cake sprinkles. The list goes on and on. The products are all packed in sizes to suit the cake maker – 250g to 500g. All in resealable tubs. Perfect for Christmas cake decorations.

We mention Instagram as more and more cake decorators are using social media to showcase their Xmas baking. We are constantly posting our Christmas cake decorating ideas on Instagram, and we ask that you do too. Show us the cakes you have made with Xmas cake decorations from Sprinkles & Co.

Cake decorations from Sprinkles & Co can, and will, transform an ordinary cake in something extraordinary.

Making a yuletide log? The top-trending idea this Xmas is to apply a chocolate frosting to your swiss roll, then coat in shiny Cake Décor Mirror Glaze. This produces an amazing decorated Christmas cake, the centrepiece of any celebration. Finish off with some Holly cake sprinkles. This is one of our top ideas this Xmas, and we hope to see lots of your Mirror Glaze Christmas Cakes on social media in the next few months.

Everyone loves our Choco Writers, a store-cupboard essential cake decoration. In November, we will be providing free downloadable cake decorating stencils. These will allow you to make sensational Xmas tree cake decorations, Santa Claus cake decorations, snowmen cake decorations, even snowball cake decorations!  All using unbeatable choco writers, from Cake Décor. They do say that, with choco writers, the only limit is your imagination. We have a fantastic range of pics of Christmas cake decorations, chocolate decorations, chocolate lattice shapes, all made with Choco Writers.

As we make all these products ourselves, we can offer them to cake makers at unbeatable prices.

This allows you to make cakes for both pleasure and profit, using our cake decorations online shop. Our aim is to provide one-stop shopping for cake decorating supplies, and for baking supplies online.

Cake makers will often type-in:  where to buy baking supplies. Our answer is simple, and always – Sprinkles & Co. We want you to find us, but more importantly, we want you to come back, again and again. This is why we offer top prices, top quality, and the very best delivery service for cake decorations. We aim to be the No 1 supplier of Christmas cake decorations online – this Christmas and every subsequent Christmas.

 Prices and Discounts

We are confident you will love our prices for Xmas cake decorations. We are now offering further discounts for opening a Trade Account (minimum spend £250 per cake decorations order), and even deeper discounts for a Trade Account spend of £500 on Christmas cake decorations

Orders for our Christmas cake topper decorations have been coming in steadily since the end of September. Top selling ranges this Christmas are :

  • Christmas hundreds and thousands. Big range of different Christmas cake decorations
  • Christmas Icing Tubes/Christmas Icing Pens. The classic Cake Décor pack of Red, Green, White Icing pens. Different pack sizes are available
  • Glitter Sugars. Again, in bold Red, Green, White varieties
  • Gold Glitter Sugar, also known as Gold Glimmer Sugar. A great favourite. Made ourselves, natural ingredients only.
  • Glitter Cake Spray. Cake Décor Glitter Sprays, acknowledged as Simply The Best. Now in Gold, Silver, Pink, Blue.
  • Mirror Glaze. Exclusively available to the Christmas decorations online market from Sprinkles & Co.
  • Candy Eyes. These cake toppers come into there own as Christmas Cake Toppers for Santa’s face!
  • Colour Gels. Cake Décor Super Strength Colour Gels produce brilliant, vivid icings for Christmas cakes, frostings for Christmas cakes


Looking for cake toppers online, or Christmas cake toppers online? Look no further. We have pages and pages of sugar sprinkle shapes for every season. Christmas cake shapes, Halloween cake shapes, Valentines cake shapes, Mothers Day cake shapes. This list goes on and on.

Please remember that all of our baking supplies online are dispatched throughout the UK and Europe in bold red Cake Décor boxes. Look out for the Red Apron, it’s your next order of Cake Décor online cake supplies arriving!  We use FedEx for boxes and Royal Mail for packets. We automatically track every delivery of cake decorations to ensure you have a quality delivery            “ on time, in full”, as we say at cake decorations HQ.

We mentioned quality cake decorations earlier. Don’t forget that the vast majority of our cake decorations, food colours, food colour gels, icing tubes, sugar pastes are made in our custom-built factory in Glasgow. Here we have been awarded BRC AA+  for our food quality systems. You can purchase our cake decorations online, completely confident of our quality manufacturing, food safety and hygiene.

So, for Christmas cake decorating, for chocolate decorating, for cake sprinkles, Christmas cupcake cases – take the strain off;  source them from Sprinkles & Co. As a family business, we have a “can-do” approach day-in, day-out. We benchmark all of our products for quality and price against the leading online baking supplies sites.

Our Red Boxes are in White Vans right now, travelling the length and breadth of the UK, on our famous 24-hour delivery service. Christmas cake decorations have never been delivered faster! 😊

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Just took my first delivery of Sprinkles & Co products today to use in my cake shop and am just delighted I shall look forward to getting my next delivery and building my collection up.. Great service too… Thanks