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Doughnut Drip Cake Posted 12 May 2017

World Baking Day is a celebration for cake lovers worldwide so we wanted to create a cake that would be sure to impress! Our Doughnut Drip Cake is fantastically indulgent and looks amazing.

It couldn’t be easier to recreate this cake – we have created a stunning mirror like shine and dazzling shimmer using Cake Décor Mirror Glaze, Cake Decor Gold Artist Cake Paints and Cake Décor Gold Glitter Spray.

Mirror Glaze - Doughnut Drip Cake


  • Sandwich the layers of sponge together with the buttercream frosting, and then cover your cake in a layer of frosting.
  • Heat the Mirror Glaze by following the instructions on the pot.
  • Pour the Mirror Glaze over your frosted cake and use a spatula to encourage drips.
  • Cover all the doughnuts in gold paint using Cake Décor Gold Artist Paint, and finish with a layer of gold glitter using the Glitter Spray.
  • Use Wilton White Lollipop Sticks to stand the larger doughnuts on top of your cake.
  • Arrange the smaller doughnuts on your cake and then finish with a selection of gold sprinkles.

Can’t wait to get started?

Create your own Doughnut Drip Cake with Cake Decor!

                  Cake Decor Mirror Glaze                                                       63015 Cake Decor Gold Cake Artist Paint

                                          Cake Decor Mirror Glaze          Cake Decor Gold Glitter Spray         Cake Decor Artist Paints

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