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Easter Chick Meringues | Sprinkles & Co. Posted 29 March 2018

Only three days now until Easter. Commence the panic buying of chocolate eggs! If you need a last minute Easter decorating tip, look no further for we present you our extremely quick and easy Easter Chick Meringues! Aren’t they adorable? Read on to find out how we made them…

Easter Chick Meringues

Easter Chick Meringues

Using your own fool-proof meringue recipe, pipe small circles onto a lined baking tray. Carefully pipe smaller circles on top of each meringue blob you’ve just made, finishing with a peak to form the top of the wee chick’s head.

Easter Chick Menringues

Once the meringues have been fully baked and firm, get out your Cake Décor Cake Pens to draw the eyes, feet, beak and any other cute features you can think of. We told you it was easy!

If you’re looking for more Easter inspired decorating tips, make sure to check out more from our blog. Look out for our delectable Easter Chocolate Panettone, and our colourful Easter Egg Choux Buns! If you’ve got time to bake up a show-stopper, try our amazing Mirror Glaze Easter Drip Cake. It won’t disappoint!

Please make sure to share your creations with us too. We absolutely love seeing them! Tag us on Instagram @_sprinklesandco or on Facebook!

Happy Baking 🙂

Sprinkles & Co. Team

Can’t wait to get started?

Make your own Easter Chick Meringues using our wonderful products! Make sure to visit our Easter Shop too to get other delightful decorations to make this year’s event special.

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