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Easter Chocolate Panettone – Bake up a treat! Posted 15 March 2018

It isn’t long now until Easter. Have all your chocolate eggs been bought and Easter lunch plans been made? Eggs will be needing painted, and don’t forget the desserts! Get your Easter themed edible decorations from our shop in time for the big event! Here’s another Easter idea for you to try: Easter Chocolate Panettone. Read on to find out how to make this delectable treat!

Easter Chocolate Panettone


Easter Chocolate Panettone

It is certainly as scrumptious as it looks! And a perfect treat to have slice of after the egg hunt! Why not make it a fun Easter baking activity to get the kids involved in the decorating? It’s so easy!


easter chocolate panettone

Our 5 Colour Confetti Sprinkles are the highlight of this Easter Chocolate Panettone. A dash of these sprinkles on any of your bakes produces a vibrant result! Don’t you think these sprinkles make everything instantly look like a party?

We used our delicious Cake Décor Chocolate Mirror Glaze to indulgently coat the panettone that has been baked with Milk Chocolate Chips, before sprinkling a generous amount of our delightful confetti.

If this has got you inspired, we also encourage you to check out our show-stopping Easter Mirror Glaze Drip Cake. It brings that WOW-factor if you’re looking to impress your guests at Easter lunch!

Make sure to check out our other Easter inspired cake decorations online. We’ve got delightful floral sugar sprinkles, Easter colour inspired packs of writing icing tubes and more! Shop now to get your goodies in time.

Happy baking!
Sprinkles & Co. Team

Can’t wait to get started?

Make your own Easter Chocolate Panetonne using our wonderful products! Make sure to visit our Easter Shop too to get other delightful decorations to make this year’s event special.

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