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Easter Egg Choux Buns | Sprinkles & Co. Posted 28 March 2018

There’s still time to order before Easter from Sprinkles & Co! Easter is an ideal occasion to allow yourself to indulge in all things sweet and delicious! And we thought we should share another fantastic decorating idea that’ll definitely hit that sweet spot with our Easter Egg Choux Buns! They are such great fun and so easy to make!

easter egg choux buns

Easter Egg Choux Buns

Use our Cake Décor Super-Strength Colour Gels and mix them with your favourite royal icing recipe. You can then ice the shapes of the Easter eggs onto a silicon mat, and decorate to your heart’s content to create delightful toppers!

Add another blob of icing onto to the choux bun so your topper has something to adhere to. Pretty straightforward right? And look at the result: vibrant and vivid tasty treats that will definitely impress this Easter!

Don’t stop at choux buns, why not make Easter Egg toppers for your cupcakes? Or how about making the most of our bright super-strength colour gels in your cake batters or biscuit mixes? You can’t go wrong!

easter egg choux buns

Tip: Our NEW Cake Décor Rainbow Cake Colour Gels comes with 5 vibrant super-strength colours! Why not get outstanding value by purchasing a kit to colour your own Easter Egg Icing toppers?

If you haven’t yet, make sure you visit our Easter Shop for all your Easter-themed decorations!

Please make sure to share your creations with us too. We absolutely love seeing them! Tag us on Instagram @_sprinklesandco or on Facebook!

Happy Baking 🙂
Sprinkles & Co. Team

Can’t wait to get started?

Make your own Easter Egg Choux Buns using our wonderful products! Make sure to visit our Easter Shop too to get other delightful decorations to make this year’s event special.

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