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Easy Valentines Cupcakes | Keep it Simple with Cake Decor Posted 5 January 2019

January might all be about getting healthy and sticking to those resolutions. But there is no harm in indulging your sweet tooth, or treating someone special to a delicious cake! We have a Valentine-themed decorating tip today (Valentine’s Day is less than 6 weeks away!), but with Cake Décor Strawberry and Vanilla Stripes Frosting making it SO easy, there’s no reason not to make it all year round! Simply squeeze the frosting directly onto your baked cupcake and get that instant wow-factor with these Easy Valentines Cupcakes!


Easy Valentine Cupcakes Guide

Easy Valentines Cupcakes

Cake Décor Strawberry and Vanilla Stripes Frosting is the perfect frosting! It features two delicious flavours of frosting in the one tube.

Each tube has a wide star nozzle attached allowing you to frost perfect stripes straight from the tube – with no mess, no fuss and no piping bags! This Strawberry & Vanilla Cupcake Frosting is all natural with No Artificial Colours, No Artificial Flavours and No Hydrogenated Fats.

We supply these in Packs of 5, giving you fantastic value for money at only £1.73 each. Each tube can decorate up to 6 large cupcakes!

Easy Valentine's Cupcakes

Tip: Before the frosting sets, get creative by pairing the frosting with our fabulous range of Valentine-themed sprinkles!

Having the UK’s widest selection of cake decorations, we have a huge range of Valentine themed delights to make this year extra sweet. Sprinkles, glitter sprays, icing tubes, colour gels, we’ve got them all! Explore our Valentine’s Shop.

We’ll be bringing you plenty of Valentine decorating tips and great offers!

Happy Baking!
Sprinkles & Co. Team


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