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Get the most of the holidays season – buy baking accessories online! Posted 4 October 2018

As we all know, the most important time of year for baking businesses is Christmas.

The general public is probably not aware, but for companies selling bakery accessories online, Christmas actually started in July this year! This is the time when we begin our planning. This is when we pull together our range of Christmas baking decorations.

Like our customers, we are very aware that Christmas is the time to maximise sales of baking accessories online. We, therefore, review our range from last year to identify the most popular items. We also look at what’s trending in the UK and worldwide in the baking and cake supplies market.

We then have our developers manufacture “prototypes” of these new cake decorations or baking accessories. These are then trialed, on cakes, and tested for appearance, quality, shelf-life etc.

It’s essential if we are to successfully sell these baking accessories online, that they are rigorously tested before being offered in our baking needs store.

Having carefully agreed to a wide range of Christmas baking decorations for our baking accessories shop, we then have to get the pricing right!  Yes, we have to maximise sales, but we also need to ensure our trade customers understand that our baking decorations can increase their profitability.

We consider how many grams per cake a customer would use our Christmas cake decorations, how many grams per cake of our sugar pastes, our cake glitters, our food colour gels etc.  How can we offer the best products in the baking accessories online market, but also at the best prices?

Sprinkles & Co then arrive at a final range of bench-tested, competitively-priced Christmas cake decorations for our baking needs online store.

It’s then a matter of contacting our wide range of existing baking decorations customers, advising them of our new range of Christmas baking essentials, offering them loyalty rewards and lowest prices for Christmas cake decorations.

Like any good baking accessories online store, we are always looking to attract new clients. We, therefore, use good old print media advertising, particularly for our Christmas baking and decorating supplies. We also use social media, aimed at trade businesses looking for baking accessories online at Christmas, or a baking accessories shop at Christmas.

However, we also find that word-of-mouth recommendations are very successful for Sprinkles & Co. We, therefore, pay great attention to product quality, to price, and to the full delivery service experience to ensure that satisfied customers will recommend us as the baking essentials online store of choice.

We are the online cake decorations store of Cake Décor, the leading supplier of cake decorating products to the major UK bakeries and retailers. We are still 100% a family-owned business, focused on quality, service, price, and aiming to be the first choice baking needs shop for anyone looking for cake decorations, or baking decorations in general.

Key Notes

Key for us this Christmas in our catalogue of baking and cake supplies are:

  • Christmas 00s and 000s. Beautiful cake decorations made onsite in our BRC AA+ approved factory in Scotland
  • Christmas Sugar Strands. Again, a wonderful range manufactured ourselves
  • Food Colour Gels. Cake Décor super strength colours, for icings, frostings and cake batters
  • Icing Tubes. Amazing range of Christmas colour and packs. We make them too!
  • Cake Glitters. Cake Décor Cake Glitter Sprays. Used by the trade, and simply the best
  • Choco-Writers. The only product providing instant patisserie-style chocolate decorations

We focus on this key range of Christmas cake decorations. It’s our core area, we make them all, it’s what we’re good at!

Sprinkles & Co also aim to provide “one-stop shopping” for our bakery essentials customers, and so offer other baking essentials, such as

  • Cupcake boxes (6’s & 12’s)
  • Cupcake cases (wide range, high quality)
  • Cake boards. Essentials for all professional cake makers.

We use the enormous buying power of Cake Décor to ensure these baking and cake supplies are offered at the lowest possible prices in our baking accessories shop.

Delivery service is also important. All our courier deliveries are sent via FedEx. They are considerably more expensive than other couriers, but we are happy to bear this cost ourselves as we aim to become the UK’s no 1 baking needs shop.

We, therefore, believe that for all baking decorations, for cake decorations, and for Christmas baking needs, in particular, Sprinkles & Co offer have an unbeatable formula of:

  • Quality (almost everything made in our brand new factory in Scotland)
  • Price (again, made ourselves, no middleman)
  • Service (our family values of putting the customer first)


Sprinkles & Co are fiercely proud of the loyal customer base we have developed over the past 3 years. Our stated aim is to become the No 1 supplier of baking accessories online. We won’t stint on quality or service in pursuit of this goal.


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