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Heart Cupcakes Posted 29 September 2016

Topped with bright coloured frosting and an array of heart decorations, these fabulous Heart Cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat for your loved ones.

The cupcakes have been decorated using Cake Décor Two Colour Stripes Cupcake Frosting, in Strawberry & Vanilla, and Cake Décor Perfect Swirls Cupcake Frosting, in Madagascan Vanilla. Each tube has a nozzle attached, allowing you to frost perfect stripes and swirls straight from the tube. It is really easy to use and will give you perfect results every time.

Heart Cupcakes

We have dressed the cupcakes using our new Red & Pink Sugar Hearts, which look great sprinkled over the Strawberry & Vanilla frosting. We have also created some heart shaped cake toppers using Cake Décor’s Choco Writers, in Dark Chocolate and White Chocolate. They are simple to use, meaning less fuss and no mess trying to transfer melted chocolate into a piping bag… and there is much less dishes to clean!

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Red Sugar Hearts   Milk Choco Writers   Strawberry & Vanilla Cupcake Frosting

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I would also love to say that your company is the best I have ever come across, from the service to delivery and the products are super super amazing. My customers love them. I have a waffle business, they are waffle on a stick dipped into organic local chocolate and then coated with your amazing sprinkles 🙂 my customers love the variety you have, they love coming back to see what sprinkles I have this time! You are the making of my waffles.