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Mirror Glaze Drip Cake | Decorating Tips Posted 2 March 2017

This indulgent Mirror Glaze Drip Cake is ideal for when you want the ‘WOW’ factor. It has been decorated using pink and white frosting, and then topped using Cake Décor Mirror Glaze to create the stunning drip effect. We have then sprinkled our Natural Pink & White Shimmer Pearls on top to create the perfect finish.

Mirror Glaze Drip Cake

Mirror Glaze is one of the biggest trends in the cake decorating world, and now you can give your own cakes, cupcakes & desserts a beautiful mirror-like shine with Cake Décor Mirror Glaze. It is the only ready to use Mirror Glaze available anywhere.

Cake Decor Drip Cake


  • To create the striped frosting effect, add the pink and white buttercream frostings to two separate piping bags. Pipe the stripes around your cake as neatly as you can and then smooth the buttercream with a side scraper. Pop your frosted cake in the fridge for 30 minutes to chill
  • Remove the lid from your pot of Mirror Glaze and pop it in an 800W microwave on a medium heat for 30 seconds
  • Give the chocolate glaze a slow stir and place back in the microwave for another 30 seconds
  • Repeat as necessary until the chocolate is smooth and runny
  • Remove your chilled cake from the fridge
  • To create a drip effect, we recommend that you use a spoon to apply the glaze around the edges of your cake. Slowly let the glaze drip onto the cake and down the sides, and then add more glaze to cover the top of the cake. Make sure you don’t add too much as you don’t want more of the glaze to run down the sides of your cake
  • Before the Mirror Glaze sets, sprinkle the top of your cake with pink & white shimmer pearl decorations                                                                                      

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Create your own delicious Mirror Glaze Drip Cake:

 Cake Decor Mirror Glaze    RM574 Pink & White Shimmer Sugar Pearls

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