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NEW 4″ Deep Cupcake Boxes Posted 3 July 2020

No more damaged cupcakes: we’ve carefully developed 4″ deep boxes to ensure that your cupcakes stay perfect during transit. That means you can swirl tall peaks of our Frosting and apply even more Stunning Sprinkles onto your cupcakes, without the worry that they’ll get damaged! Have confidence that your cupcakes will arrive in perfect condition, every time. Click here to check out our new boxes.

Why not pair your cupcakes with one of our luxurious Frostings? Our Cake Décor Frostings are available in 1.5kg tubs, easily enough for 35-40 cupcakes.

Each tub has a resealable lid to ensure that your Frosting stays completely fresh, even if you want to use it for different batches.

Rich ChocolateCreamy Vanilla and yummy Salted Caramel Frostings in 1.5kg tubs.

Shop our Frostings range here.

Happy Baking!
Sprinkles & Co. Team

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