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New! – Royal Celebration Hundred & Thousands Posted 18 April 2018

So maybe your invitation got lost in the post for Harry and Meghan’s wedding. But that’s not a reason to not celebrate the most hotly anticipated event of the year!

With only a month to go, now is a good time to start party planning! The wedding is to take place on May 19th at 12 noon. So it’s the perfect excuse to throw a tea party!

Royal Celebration Sprinkles

Cake Décor Royal Celebration Hundreds & Thousands

Sprinkles & Co. now have in stock Cake Décor Royal Celebration Hundreds & Thousands that will instantly transform your bakes into royal show-stoppers!

Royal Wedding Tea Party

Our fantastic Royal Celebration Hundreds & Thousands can be sprinkled over your baked goods then stylized to create the impact your desire. We generously dashed them onto our vanilla buttercream cupcakes pictured above.

And of course we took the opportunity to bake the cupcakes in Large Premium Quality Union Jack Cupcake Cases. They are made of excellent grease-proof 65gsm qualilty paper making them really durable. Aren’t they just delightful?

Royal Wedding Tea Party

Make sure to get involved by being part of the royal celebrations! Whether you throw a tea-party or make a toast with a glass of bubbly. Share your creations with us too. We love seeing them!

Happy Baking 🙂
Sprinkles & Co. Team

Can’t wait to get started?

Make your own Royal Celebration Cupcakes using our wonderful products! Check out our other products that a guaranteed to make your bakes fit for royalty!

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Hello Sprinkles & Co☺️Just wanted to thank you for such a speedy delivery as I ordered after 12 yesterday and my sprinkles are here! Loving my notebook too, just what I needed by my till. Keep up the good work. I’m delighted with the quality of the products so I will be looking to order again in the baking future.