Cupcake Week

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High-Quality Cupcake Boxes

At Sprinkles & Co we offer a range of High-Quality Cupcake Boxes in various sizes to suit your requirements. We use only the best packing to ensure your cupcakes can be transported safely. Why compromise on packing when you spend so much time on your creations? Our Cupcake Boxes are available in 6 and 12 hole inserts and come in wholesale packs of 25 boxes. Our High-Quality Cupcake Boxes have deep inserts to ensure your tall peaks of frosting stay intact, so there’s no need to worry about ruining your... Read More

Heart Cupcakes [Choco Writers] 29/09/2016

Heart Cupcakes

Topped with bright coloured frosting and an array of heart decorations, these fabulous Heart Cupcakes are the perfect sweet treat for your loved ones. The cupcakes have been decorated using Cake Décor Two Colour Stripes Cupcake Frosting, in Strawberry & Vanilla, and Cake Décor Perfect Swirls Cupcake Frosting, in Madagascan Vanilla. Each tube has a nozzle attached, allowing you to frost perfect stripes and swirls straight from the tube. It is really easy to use and will give you perfect results every time.

Chocolate Chip Cupcakes 20/09/2016

National Cupcake Week | Chocolate Chip Cupcakes

Today, we are taking a step away from traditional chocolate chip cookies to bake these delicious Chocolate Chip Cupcakes. The vanilla based cupcakes may be quick and easy to make but they have a tremendously tasty recipe that will be sure to impress! Each cupcake has been decorated with vanilla frosting. We have sprinkled our delicious Dark Chocolate Chips on top and added a mini Chocolate Chip Cookie to the top of the cupcake to suit our chocolate cravings! These cupcakes make the perfect sweet treat and are ideal for any occasion.... Read More