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Penguin Igloo Cakes | Fun Projects with the Little Ones Posted 7 December 2018

You can get some great festive decorating tips from our Sprinkles & Co. Blog. There’s nothing like a fun creative project to get everyone into the Christmas spirit. And with ideas that are so easy to do, no doubt it will keep your little elves busy! Sprinkles & Co has everything you’ll need for your festive cake decorations. We have a wide range of cake and cupcake decorations that are ideal for Christmas and any festive-themed occasion! Explore our Christmas ShopToday we’re bringing you a fun project: Penguin Igloo Cake! Complete with little penguins too!

Penguin Igloo Cake Guide

Penguin Igloo Cake

All you need is Cake Décor Candy EyesCake Décor Milk Choco Writers, Large Marshallows and plenty of Cake Décor Micro-Mallows. Once the cake has been baked, it’s just a simple matter of assembling and decorating!

Penguin Igloo Cake with Cake Decor

We stock Pink & White Micro-Mallows, so you could save all the pink ones for another occasion to use in some lovely hot chocolates, or as a tasty snack! Starting from the bottom, start arranging your micro-mallows length-ways using a small amount of Edible Glue, to keep it in place. Keep going until the whole cake is covered, and complete it by creating a door way.

This igloo cake wouldn’t be complete without a penguin family! Choco Writers set nice and quick, which are ideal in a project like this. Heat up a tube, and pour into a small bowl to make it easy to dip your large marshmallows in. Finish by adding the Candy Eyes and beak before the Choco Writer sets. And there you have it, an adorable Christmas project, your very own Penguin Igloo Cake that is sure to bring so much joy!

Penguin Igloo Cake

Make sure to get all your cake decorations from Sprinkles & Co. while stocks last! We have a huge range of Christmas themed delights to make the festive extra special. Sprinkles, glitter sprays, icing tubes, colour gels, we’ve got them all! Explore our Christmas Shop.

We’ll be bringing you more Christmas decorating tips and great offers!

Happy Baking!
Sprinkles & Co. Team


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