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Sprinkle Sachet Service

Sprinkle Sachets

Sachets of Sprinkles is the newest option made available via our website! It allows you to combine some of our best-selling high quality products into DIY kits or gift packages. It makes it a perfect item for stores, events, and presents.

These sachets are available only in bulk quantities with a minimal order of 5000 sachets. Of course, all the items inside are 100% natural, and they come with no artificial flavours or artificial colours to them. Also, none of our products contain hydrogenated fats!

Since we are using a top notch high speed machinery on our production lines, we are able to answer your demands, no matter how many of these sachets you need. The detailed manufacturing specification on all products is also available on request.

If you would wish to explore your options in this segment, feel free to give us a call using this number: 01236 801670. You can also reach to us via our email: [email protected]

We will be more than happy to discuss all the options you had in mind!

Minimum Order Quantity – 5000 sachets

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Please allow up to 4 weeks for delivery for these specific items.

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