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Spider Cupcakes | Create a Creepy Crawly Delight! Posted 16 October 2018

Halloween is the ideal time to unleash your creativity with your baking with some delightfully themed cakes. Spiders are pretty terrifying, but we make an exception for the Spider Cupcakes! Creepy, crawly and cute! Find out how we made them below!

To make the spiders, use Cake Décor Milk Choco Writer to draw out the spider’s legs onto an acetate sheet and leave to cool. You can download the stencil template from here.

Choco Writers are great as they will provide you with delicious chocolate decorations in a true patisserie-style straight from the tube. Just heat up the tube, snip the tip of the nozzle and decorate – it is that easy!

Choco Writer Spider Legs

While you’re waiting for you chocolate spider legs to cool, whip up some orange buttercream with Cake Décor Super-Strength Orange Colour Gel. Because it’s super-strength you only need a small amount to get vivid results!

Spider Cupcakes

Pipe the butter cream onto the centre of your cupcake. Pop on the spider legs on either side and finish off with Cake Décor Candy Eyes!

These Spider Cupcakes are a great Halloween treat that are fun to make and memorable. Grab them before they scuttle away!

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Happy Baking!
Sprinkles & Co. Team


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