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Unicorn Cupcakes with Cake Décor Unicorn Sprinkles Posted 30 November 2017

We’re excited to announce we’ve added Cake Décor Pink & White Unicorn sprinkles to our online shop! We wasted no time in baking cupcakes to see how they would look, and we weren’t disappointed.

These Unicorn Cupcakes were such fun to make! Sweet, whimsical, sparkly and magical! And we’re sure you’ll agree the Pink & White Unicorn sprinkles add that extra touch of magic. We also used our Cake Décor Gold Glitter Spray, pink and blue Cake Décor Super Strength Colour Gels, and Cake Décor Ready-to-Roll Icing. See how we did it below.


  • Use your favourite cupcake recipe and have them baked and cooled while you make your decorations. We used our Premium Gold Foil Cupcake Cases for our bake.
  • Make your butter cream and split into 3 portions. Colour one portion with pink, the other with blue and leave the third natural. Fill one side of the bag with the natural butter cream and carefully spread down the bag to the nozzle. Place the coloured butter creams using the same method on either side, and carefully squeeze the bag down, until all colours come through. You are now ready to pipe!
  • Use Cake Décor Ready-to-Roll Icing for the horn: form a cone shape, and score to create a spiral effect. Finish with an even spritz of Cake Décor Gold Glitter Spray before placing front and centre on your iced cupcake.
  • Use the icing to also make unicorn ears: roll out and cut out almond shapes. Pinch both ends, and place two on either side of the horn.
  • Finish with a sprinkling of our adorable Cake Décor Pink & White Unicorns!

Can’t wait to get started?

Create your own Unicorn Cupcakes with Cake Decor!


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