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Unicorn Day – Celebrate With Us! Posted 8 April 2019

Yes it’s National Unicorn Day on April 9th this week! How did this day even start? We’re not quite sure. Regardless, we’ll use any excuse to add extra glitter and rainbows to everything! If dressing up as a Unicorn is a bit too much to celebrate the mystical creature, why not get involved by baking fun Unicorn-themed treats?

National Unicorn Day

Keep it simple with Unicorn Cupcakes. Just bake up your favourite cupcake recipe and use Cake Décor Unicorn Frosting.

National Unicorn Day - Unicorn Frosting Cupcakes

Each tube has a wide star nozzle attached allowing you to frost perfect stripes straight from the tube – with no mess, no fuss and no piping bags! Meaning you can whip up these cupcakes in no-time! This delicious raspberry flavoured 2 colour frosting is all natural with No Artificial Colours, No Artificial Flavours and No Hydrogenated Fats. Finish with a sprinkle of Glitter Sugar for that magical touch!

If you’re looking to impress, try your hand at making our Rainbow Unicorn Cake. Ideal as a birthday cake too!

Unicorn Day - Unicorn Birthday Cake

For step-by-step instructions to create the rainbow cake, click here, for the super simple Cake Décor recipe. Once you have the cake fully assembled and smothered generously in buttercream, get Unicorn Frosting and pipe swirls all around the top.

Make sure to get all your cake decorations from Sprinkles & Co. while stocks last! Sprinkles, glitter sprays, icing tubes, colour gels, we’ve got them all! Explore our shop!

Happy Baking!
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