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Valentine Cupcake Boxes – Need a Gifting Idea? Posted 19 January 2019

Struggling to think of a thoughtful Valentine’s gift this year? Baking is always a sure guarantee to win over someone’s affections! Sprinkles & Co. continue to offer cupcake boxes to store and transport your lovely Valentine cupcakes at our reduced prices! Why not take advantage of this great offer? Get Valentine Cupcake Boxes now!

Valentine Cupcake Boxes Guide

Our range of cupcake boxes include boxes for 6 and 12 cupcakes in packs of 25. For our 6-insert cupcake boxes, it works out at 49p per box! For our 12-insert cupcake boxes, it works out at 79p per box. Amazing value!

Simple white boxes, perfect for any occasion. Ideal for baking professionals or for gifting your beautiful cupcakes this Valentine’s Day.

The boxes will definitely keep your cakes in a pristine condition, and at 75mm (3 inches), tall enough to hold the most highly decorative cupcakes!

What are you waiting for? Shop now for Valentine Cupcake Boxes and don’t miss out!


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I would also love to say that your company is the best I have ever come across, from the service to delivery and the products are super super amazing. My customers love them. I have a waffle business, they are waffle on a stick dipped into organic local chocolate and then coated with your amazing sprinkles 🙂 my customers love the variety you have, they love coming back to see what sprinkles I have this time! You are the making of my waffles.