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Valentine Meringue Kisses – Super Easy Treat! Posted 17 January 2019

Just under a month to go until Valentine’s Day! Fun Fact: Over a billion Valentine cards are exchanged worldwide! That doesn’t even account for the gifts and chocolates given on this day. Try this super simple decorating idea: Valentine Meringue Kisses. A delectable melt-in-your mouth treat that is easy to whip up at short notice and sure to impress!

Valentine Meringue Kisses Guide

For colour striped meringue kisses, turn piping bag inside out and paint on 3 stripes using Cake Décor Red Super Strength Colour Gel. You only need a thin coat of colour! Roll the bag out carefully and carefully spoon in your meringue mix making sure it’s packed tightly. Snip off the tip of the piping bag about an inch in diameter and pipe kisses on baking sheet.

Tip: How about sprinkling the Meringue Kisses with some sprinkles before popping them in the oven, or glitter spray finish for that extra wow-factor?

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Make sure to get all your cake decorations from Sprinkles & Co. while stocks last so you can make your very own Valentine Meringue Kisses! We have a huge range of Valentine themed delights to make the most romantic time of the year extra special. Sprinkles, glitter sprays, icing tubes, colour gels, we’ve got them all! Explore our Valentine’s Shop.

We’ll be bringing you more Valentine’s decorating tips and great offers!

Happy Baking!
Sprinkles & Co. Team

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I would also love to say that your company is the best I have ever come across, from the service to delivery and the products are super super amazing. My customers love them. I have a waffle business, they are waffle on a stick dipped into organic local chocolate and then coated with your amazing sprinkles 🙂 my customers love the variety you have, they love coming back to see what sprinkles I have this time! You are the making of my waffles.